Hummingbird Tattoos Art Designs

Hummingbird tattoos are popular bird tattoo arts that are known to skillfully combine good looks with meaningfulness. They are mostly sported by women and may symbolize strength, love, joy, hope, charm, energy, freedom, vigor, abundance and life itself. Different styles of hummingbird tattoos exist, and these birds may also be sported with a number of other symbols such as flowers and butterflies.

Orchid Tattoos Art Designs

Orchids are a distinct group of flowers that are known for their mesmerizing beauty. They are often worn as attractive tattoo designs mostly by women but also men on some occasions. As orchids vary greatly in their colors, shapes and sizes, orchid tattoos can be drawn in a wide array of ways. They can represent important symbolic meanings such as beauty, innocence, refinement, luxury, harmony, purity, frailty and mystery.

Horse Tattoos Art Designs

Horse tattoos are immensely popular among people who are fond of symbolic animal tattoos. These body arts always carry an aura of raw energy and dynamism about them that makes them look cool. Horse tattoos can be drawn in a number of ways; some prefer having only the head of a horse as a tattoo design whereas others might prefer having a full-bodied horse figure tattooed on their body.

Fish Tattoos Art Designs

Fish tattoos frequently make some of the most beautiful and deeply meaningful body arts. They are very colorful and bright, offering different styles and patterns to choose from when it comes to tattoos. Although the Koi fish and the shark make up for most of the popular fish-themed tattoo designs, other popular species portrayed as body arts include the angel fish, the betta fish, the trout fish, the piranha and the swordfish.

Indian Tattoos Art Designs

Spider webs often make for interesting tattoo arts even though they are frequently associated with dark elements such as death, violence, racism, prison and murder. However, they can also indicate positive attributes when looked from a neutral perspective. Spider web tattoos are associated with mystery, beauty, creativity, protectiveness and magic.

Spider Web Tattoos Art Designs

Native Indian tattoos are some of the most interesting tattoo designs that have achieved widespread popularity in the recent years. They reflect the rich traditions of the Indian spiritual beliefs and often look strikingly poignant. Along with the Native Indian headdress which is one of the most common symbols depicted as a tattoo design, one can also choose popular designs such as dreamcatchers, buffaloes, wolves, Indian warriors and Indian maidens.

Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Art Designs

Cancer ribbon tattoos are well known forms of body art that are notable for their unique blend of beauty and meaningfulness. These tattoos are normally sported by cancer surviving patients as a symbol of their victory against death. Cancer ribbon tattoos usually feature brightly colored bows and designs, and the shade of the color sported indicates the type of cancer a person may have been suffering from. Additional quotes and information may also be added to the tattoo design to make it more personal.

Cancer Tattoos Art Designs

Cancer tattoos are tattoo arts that are sported by Cancerian men and women born between June 21st and July 22nd. Cancer is a water sign ruled by the moon. People born under this sign are known to be emotional, moody, dreamy and romantic, nurturing, imaginative, creative and slightly shy around new people. Cancerians often love experimenting with fine clothing, and they can also be seen sporting cool zodiac tattoos that depict Cancerian themes. Some of the most well known Cancerian tattoo themes include the moon, the Cancer crab, the Cancer glyph, the number 69 portrayed sideways and the constellation of Cancer.

Firefighter Tattoos Art Designs

Firefighter tattoos are immensely popular among people who are actively involved in the profession of firefighting. However, in the recent years they have also achieved mainstream popularity among people who are not a part of this profession as well. These tattoos usually depict various scenes and themes closely associated with firefighting, and can be very innovative and stylish. One can also add relevant quotes to the overall design to make it more interesting.

Leo Tattoos Art Designs

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac wheel. Ruled by the majestic sun, people born under this sign (between July 23rd and August 22nd) are known for their impulsiveness, creativity, generosity as well as their gregarious nature and leadership qualities. Leonine men and women are often fond of wearing clothes that will make them the center of attraction in any social gathering. They also love to wear cool zodiac tattoos that can greatly accentuate their overall looks. The Leo zodiac tattoos that are most commonly preferred include the Leo glyph, the head or whole body of the lion, the Leo sun, the Leo constellation, Celtic Leo tattoos, etc.