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Angel Wing Tattoos Art Designs

Angel wings have always fascinated people from all walks of life. People who believe strongly in angelic beings often choose to sport angel wings tattoos. Many artists have portrayed angels as having white feathery wings. This have influenced the popular imagination that angels are heavenly beings endowed with such wings. Various forms of angel wing tattoos are in practice, which differ in their size, style and artwork.

Anchor Tattoos Art Designs

Anchor tattoos are some of the most well known tattoo arts exploring marine themes. Although once they were mainly worn by seafaring individuals, anchor tattoos are now increasing getting popular among people from other professions as well, such as painters, poets, businessmen and doctors. Anchor tattoos symbolize a range of qualities such as stability, strength and endurance and people sporting these tattoos love to associate them with such attributes.

Swallow Tattoos Art Designs

Swallows have been a recurrent theme among tattoo lovers all over the world. Originally common among seafaring men such as sailors and explorers, they are now sported by men and women from other professions as well. These birds have been associated with good news, good luck, hope, success, strength, youth, abundance, devotion, love, freedom and spiritedness.

Lotus Tattoos Art Designs

The lotus is very popular choice when it comes to flower tattoos. Over the ages, it has been considered spiritually significant by the Indian and Egyptian cultures. Lotuses have also been mentioned in the Biblical texts. Various spiritual meanings have been attached to these flowers, such as rebirth, a new beginning as well as freedom from attachment.

Lion Tattoos Art Designs

Lions have been associated with royal lineage since the earliest times. These wild cats have been revered by various ancient cultures such as those of Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and African civilizations. Lion tattoos can be a wide range of meanings, such as power, authority, protection, leadership, courage, wisdom, bravery and fearlessness.

Heart Tattoos Art Designs

Heart tattoos are some of the most frequently chosen designs by men and women all over the world, as they express the endearing meanings of love, desire and passion. This symbol is also widely used in the popular media and culture. A number of different styles and designs can be chosen for these tattoos. Some of the most popular heart tattoo ideas include heart with wings, pierced hearts, hearts with arrows and the Sacred Heart.

Feather Tattoos Art Designs

Like bird tattoos, feather tattoos are also immensely popular among men and women of different ages. Bird feathers were considered sacred by the Native American people, who included them in their headdresses, jewelry, clothes, weapons as well as other tools. Feathers were also featured in the dreamcatcher tattoos. The meaning of a feather tattoo depends on the type of feathers that are being sported.

Eagle Tattoos Art Designs

The eagle has always a majestic bird, symbolizing the notions of pride, greatness, royalty and free-spiritedness. These wild birds have been revered in many cultures since the ancient times. In fact, the eagle is a major symbol of the American culture. Both men and women love to wear eagle tattoos as they convey a sense of dare and wonderment. Check out the various eagle tattoos that are showcased here.

Diamond Tattoos Art Designs

Diamond tattoos are well known for their striking designs and their breathtaking color patterns. These tattoos not only express grace and splendor, but also carry hidden symbolic meanings. Diamonds are associated with concepts of luxury and extravagance. They have also linked with royalty as these precious stones were once used to adorn crowns of kings and queens. Diamond tattoos can also be combined with other symbols to make it more personal.

Praying Hands Tattoos Art Designs

Praying hands tattoos are some of the most well known tattoo arts depicting spiritual or religious imagery. As praying is a common practice in all religions of the world, sporting these tattoos is an excellent way of communicating one’s beliefs. This tattoo art is originally inspired by a famous painting by Albrecht Durer, known as the “The Praying Hands”. These tattoos look quite inspirational and serene, and can be worn in a wide range of styles and designs.