Pisces Tattoos Art Designs

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac and the 4th mutable sign of all. Ruled by the enigmatic Neptune, people born under this water sign are known to be friendly, generous, caring, compassionate, artistic, inventive, as well as highly imaginative and intuitive. Piscean men and women often love sporting cool zodiac tattoos that depict their signs. The Pisces fishes, the Pisces glyph, the Pisces constellation and mermaids are among the most well known Pisces tattoo designs.

Koi Tattoos Art Designs

Koi tattoos are immensely popular among both men and women because of their colorful appearance as well as their meaningfulness. They are an important part of Japanese and Chinese cultures where they have been featured in several folklores and myths. These tattoos are associated with various positive ideas and qualities like power, masculinity, success, strength, courage, bravery, endurance, perseverance, good omen and good fortune. The koi fish is also believed to represent certain magical qualities.

Taurus Tattoos Art Designs

Taurus is the second zodiac of the astrological wheel. People born under this sign are known to be determined, stubborn and strong-willed. Ruled by the planet Venus, they are fond of artistic pursuits and sensual pleasures. Taureans are often known to wear tattoos that portray their zodiac sign. Some of the most common forms of Taurus tattoos include the bull, the Taurus glyph, the Taurus constellation, the tribal Taurus tattoo and the Celtic Taurus tattoo.

Shark Tattoos Art Designs

Although shark tattoos are often misunderstood, they are some of the most well known body arts depicting marine animals. Survivors of shark attacks often prefer sporting a shark tattoo. On the other hand, someone of the scientific community involved in researching sharks may like to sport these creatures as tattoo arts. Shark tattoos are associated with qualities of power, invulnerability and fearlessness. Both full-bodied and upper-bodied images of sharks are popular as tattoo designs.

Sunflower Tattoos Art Designs

Sunflowers are a major hit when it comes to flower tattoos. Known to evoke strong feelings of exuberance and joy in an observer’s mind, sunflowers have been extensively featured in many works of art and tattoo designs. Sunflower tattoos can be worn in a number of ways. Some of the trendiest sunflower tattoo arts include a sunflower with a butterfly or a hovering bee, vampire sunflower tattoo, vine sunflower tattoo and tribal sunflower tattoos.

Turtle Tattoos Art Designs

Turtles are peaceful aquatic animals known for their calmness and grace. They have been prominently featured in many folklores and mythologies of the ancient world. These creatures are known to symbolize protection, perseverance, longevity and healing. For this, people often love to wear them as tattoo arts. The site showcases an extensive collection of well designed turtle tattoos for you to choose from.

Egyptian Tattoos Art Designs

Egypt has a rich cultural heritage that is rooted in various mystical practices. Since the earliest times, the civilization that sprang here was able to inspire and fascinate countless civilians and historians. For this, tattoos based on Egyptian themes have always been a popular fashion trend. Check out the Egyptian tattoo arts of the Eye of Horus, the Ankh, images of Ra, Isis, Horus, Seth, Anubis and hieroglyphic symbols presented in this website.

Lion Tattoos Art Designs

Lions have been associated with royal lineage since the earliest times. These wild cats have been revered by various ancient cultures such as those of Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and African civilizations. Lion tattoos can be a wide range of meanings, such as power, authority, protection, leadership, courage, wisdom, bravery and fearlessness.

Lotus Tattoos Art Designs

The lotus is very popular choice when it comes to flower tattoos. Over the ages, it has been considered spiritually significant by the Indian and Egyptian cultures. Lotuses have also been mentioned in the Biblical texts. Various spiritual meanings have been attached to these flowers, such as rebirth, a new beginning as well as freedom from attachment.

Swallow Tattoos Art Designs

Swallows have been a recurrent theme among tattoo lovers all over the world. Originally common among seafaring men such as sailors and explorers, they are now sported by men and women from other professions as well. These birds have been associated with good news, good luck, hope, success, strength, youth, abundance, devotion, love, freedom and spiritedness.