Sun Tattoos Art Designs

Ever since the earliest times, the sun has been considered as an important deity in various cultures of the world. It is thus no wonder that many ancient people customarily sported sun tattoos as a way of showing honor to Sun God. Sun tattoos are worn nowadays by both men and women as a major fashion statement. These body arts can express a wide range of meanings, such as light, truth, beauty, royalty, fertility, power, vitality, vigor, leadership, dignity, force, knowledge, courage, creativity, immortality and independence.


Mermaid Tattoos Art Designs

Mermaids are well known mythical creatures whose upper body resembles that of a human female and lower body that of a fish. They are known to symbolize a diverse range of meanings, such as beauty, love, creativity, elusiveness, intuition, mystery, sensuality, duality, allure, free-spiritedness and sexuality. Mermaids have been associated with positive and negative connotations and numerous sea goddesses like Amphitrites, Calypso, Rán and Tethys have been mentioned in connection to them as well.

Lily Tattoos Art Designs

The lily flower has been considered culturally and aesthetically significant in various cultures across the globe. It has been associated with the meanings of sexuality, fertility, purity, chastity, innocence and abundance. The fine delicateness of this flower can be expressed in a wide array of tattoo designs that vary greatly in style and color.

Gemini Tattoos Art Designs

Gemini tattoos are zodiac tattoo arts that are sported by people born under the sign of Gemini (i.e., born between the dates of May 21st and June 20th). The sign is also referred to as the Twins and a number of symbols are used for its expression. These include the sign of two human twins, the Roman numeral of II, the constellation of Gemini, and the planet Mercury.

Fairy Tattoos Art Designs

If you are looking to get a tattoo that depicts a mythical creature, just opt for a fairy tattoo and you are good to go. Fairies are ethereal beings known for their magical grace and beauty. They have been featured in numerous legends and folklores throughout history. Fairy tattoos can be worn separately, or in combination with a number of other symbols like flowers, butterflies, petals, frogs, mushrooms, dragonflies, the moon and the stars.

Phoenix Tattoos Art Designs

The phoenix is an ancient symbol representing rebirth, resurrection and immortality. As the bird that rises from its own ashes, it beautifully expresses the spiritual themes of inner power, transformation and eternal life. Phoenix tattoos are usually quite large in size, almost covering the entire back or chest. They are also notable for their intricate artwork which is done in striking shades of red, orange, yellow and green.

Crown Tattoos Art Designs

Crown tattoos are immensely popular among people from various walks of life due to their association with the concepts of royalty, authority, power, abundance, wealth and supremacy. These tattoos are also linked with divinity and God in some cases. They can be worn in a multitude of ways and various additional elements like crystals, jewels and diamonds can be added to the original design to make it more meaningful.

Scorpio Tattoos Art Designs

Scorpio tattoos are zodiac tattoos that are worn by people born between October 24th and November 22nd. Ruled by Pluto, God of the underworld, Scorpio men and women are known for their intense natures. They also have a dynamic fashion sense, which is further accentuated by cool tattoo arts. Scorpio symbols that are frequently sported as tattoos include the stinging scorpion, the constellation of Scorpio and the letter M having a raised sting.

Paw Print Tattoos Art Designs

Paw print tattoos are quite popular for their cute appearance as well as innovative designs. For some people, these tattoos provide ways to express their grief over a lost pet. One may also want to sport them because of their decorative value. Although dog and cat paw print tattoo are some of the most widely practiced forms, one may also choose to wear the paw prints of other animals like tigers and bears.

Moon Tattoos Art Designs

The moon is the closest celestial body to our earth and as such has influenced human culture since the earliest times. Many myths and beliefs are associated with the moon, and several magical creatures like faeries and unicorns. Moon tattoos are especially popular with women as they help to express the ideas of motherhood, children, creativity, imagination, intuition and femininity.