Dragonfly Tattoos Art Designs

When it comes to tattoo symbols depicting insects, the dragonfly stands as one of the supreme. They are literally creatures of the winds and are closely associated with change. Dragonflies are also linked to the water element, which deals with the subconscious mind and the process of dreaming in us. These tattoo designs are notable for their vibrant, colorful appearances as well as their gracefulness.

Free Celtic Knot Tattoos Art Designs

Celtic knots are some of the most easily recognizable pieces of art in Celtic culture. As Celtic knots have not beginning or end but seamlessly wave into one piece, they are often associated with the spiritual concepts of eternity and infinity. Gifts adorned with Celtic knots were given in ancient times as a sign of good luck. Celtic knots are quite popular as tattoo symbols where they are worn in numerous unique ways.


Free Cheetah Tattoos Art Designs

Cheetah tattoos are some of the most universally popular animal tattoos in the world. As these cats are known for their speed, these tattoos stand for swiftness, focus and insight. The full-bodied images of cheetah in various poses are some of the most widely sported tattoo designs of all.


Free Crow Tattoos Art Designs

Crow tattoos are some of the most misunderstood tattoos in history as they have many positive and negative associations. Not only they look quite dramatic, they also create a sense of mystery for the wearer. Crow tattoos vary significantly in their style, thus offering ample choices when it comes to tattoo designs.


Free Dolphin Tattoos Art Designs

Dolphins are some of the most loved marine animals on the planet. Their gregarious, sociable nature has made them immensely popular among people all over the world. They are also associated with mysticism and spirituality in many cultures of the world. The rich cultural impact of dolphins has made them some of the most chosen subjects when it comes to tattoos and body art.


Free Lock and Key Tattoos Art Designs

Lock and key tattoos are quite popular nowadays as they look quite unique besides being meaningful to the wearer who sports them. As lock and key are used to hide or conceal things, they often denote ideas of secrecy and mystery. These tattoos can be worn in a variety of styles, ranging from skeleton keys to lock and keys with ribbons.


Free Mandala Tattoos Art Designs

Mandalas are geometric designs often occurring in the shape of floral patterns. They have an important significance in Sanskrit philosophy, and express the ideas of eternity, completeness, unity and perfection. Mandala tattoos thus can carry a wide array of meanings both for the wearer as well as the observer.


Free Pocket Watch Tattoos Art Designs

Pocket watch tattoos are an excellent form of body art as they bring with them a touch of nostalgia. These tattoos can be very beautiful and striking to look at, besides carrying a personal meaning for the wearer. Pocket watch tattoos are usually done in traditional black ink, but other shades can also be used on certain occasions.

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Free Puzzle Piece Tattoos Art Designs

Puzzle piece tattoos are quite interesting in their own ways and they are a growing trend in the world of body art. Generally these tattoos can indicate hidden meanings or purpose of life, or can suggest that life itself is a puzzle. Alternatively, puzzle piece tattoos can also signify finding the true meaning of life.

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Free Memory Tattoos Art Designs

Memory tattoos are worn as a sign of love and respect for some deceased family member, friend or a loved one. These tattoos carry immense personal significance for the wearer and acts as a symbol of the eternal bond shared between the deceased and the alive. For some people, it also acts as an effective way to overcome their grief.

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