Free Virgo Tattoos Art Designs

Virgo tattoos are worn by men and women who are born under the sign of Virgo or the Virgin. These tattoos can come in different styles and can look very attractive on the wearer. Some of the most common form of Virgo tattoos includes the Virgo glyph, the planet Mercury, the constellation Virgo as well as images that depict Virgin Mary.

Free Raven Tattoos Art Designs

Raven tattoos are an interesting form of body art as these birds have been traditionally associated with dark themes such as death and mystery. Ravens have been held in high esteem in many ancient cultures and several magical qualities have been attributed to them. These tattoos can come in different styles and are sported by people who are eager to project the qualities associated with ravens.

Free Arrow Tattoos Art Designs

Arrow tattoos have enjoyed a longstanding popularity among both men and women for a multitude of reasons. Apart from signifying a large number of things, these tattoos can look very dynamic and appealing. Arrow tattoos often carry a personal message for the wearer and they can be worn in different ways.

Free Cupcake Tattoos Art Designs

Cupcake tattoos are quite popular with women all over the world. These tattoo designs look cute and sexy, and can act as a beautiful add on to your overall looks. They do not carry any individual meaning of their own, but throughout the years the cupcake tattoos have been associated with femininity, freedom and independence.



Free Supernatural Tattoos Art Designs

“Supernatural” is an American television series that focuses on two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester fight supernatural beings such as monsters, ghosts and demons. In the series, Sam and Dean are known to have anti-possession symbols tattooed on their chest, which features a pentagram surrounded by a ring of fire. The popularity of the series has made this symbol a rave among tattoo aficionados.

Free Navy Tattoos Art Designs

Navy tattoos are tattoo designs that are most frequently sported by men serving in the naval forces. The symbols commonly depicted in these tattoos include those that are seen in traditional sailor tattoos, such as a ship, an anchor, a nautical compass, nautical stars and a swallow bird. Many individuals also prefer sporting sexy pinups as cool tattoo designs. Nowadays people outside the naval profession also like wearing these tattoos because of their sleek looks.

Free Shamrock Tattoos Art Designs

The Shamrock is one of the most well known symbols originating in the Celtic culture. This four-leafed figure has been revered as an important spiritual motif ever since the pre-Christian times. Nowadays many people love sporting a shamrock tattoo as they believe it has protective powers. Shamrocks are also associated with good luck and good fortune, which adds to their popularity as tattoo designs.

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Free Viking Tattoos Art Designs

Vikings were some of the most daring and adventurous people ever to walk the earth. They were notable for their advanced social laws, skills in ship-making, as well as for their worldwide explorations. Vikings were also known for their artwork, and many people prefer sporting tattoos based on notable symbols that are rooted in Viking art and mythology.

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Free Peace Sign Tattoos Art Designs

The Peace sign has been one of the most important cultural icons ever since 1958 when it was first conceived as a symbol that advocated nuclear disarmament. It has been used in countless pieces of jewelry and clothing, and has also made its way into the world of tattooing. Diverse forms of peace sign tattoos are in vogue, which incorporate anything from floral designs to Celtic knots and American flags.


Free Biomechanical Tattoos Art Designs

Biomechanical tattoos are becoming more and more popular everyday as literature and movies exploring the close relationship between man and machine are gaining widespread acceptance. Along with the elements that are traditionally associated with robotic or cyborg imagery, biomechanical tattoos incorporate ideas that are far more off the track. Appearing in wide variety of designs and colors, they are some of the most innovative and expressive tattoos that one can ever get.


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